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Presto 30″ Piano Shell Soft Case

11 lbs 3/4" padded walls Fully enclosed Heavy Duty Zipper

Presto S30

The Presto S30 is our flagship product. Weighing approximately 55 lbs, this piano shell is designed to be both portable and durable. Perfect for the touring artist or venue, the S30 also fits comfortably in homes and apartments. The high gloss black laminate finish results in a beautiful shell that fits in any environment. (Piano keyboards sold separately)

Presto S30P

THE Presto S30P Piano Shell Experience the pinnacle of elegance and versatility with our latest innovation, the Presto S30P Piano Shell. Building upon the success of our flagship S30 model, the S30P takes your musical journey to new heights with its remarkable prop-top feature. This extraordinary addition allows you to open and close the piano shell effortlessly, just like a grand piano, delivering a captivating visual spectacle that will leave your audience in awe. (Piano keyboards sold separately)